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Dirk Auer wants to get a feeling for speed before he skates at full thrust to hang behind a dragster..Therefore he first wants to hang behind a Formula 3 racing car with 240 horsepower and a maximum speed of 270 km/h. Dirk Auer who is training every day up to 3 hours in the gym is already getting closer to his limits because he has to go down in a very deep racing position in order to grap the spoiler of the racing car. He is holding the spoiler just with his hands. Pilot Rudi Linner (37) is very nervous because he knows that Dirk has to handle brutal forces on the spoiler. Also if Dirk gets into a dangerous situation he can pull the car into trouble, too..Even in a racing suit, with leg protectors and a helmet, this remains a perilous trip for the Dirk Auer...But Dirk Auer, also known as the human rocket, is in perfect shape. After reaching 176 km/h in the first run, he decided to go full throttle directly in the second run. And so se reached 196 km/h. This was already maximum speed on that day because of the wet surface. They tyres didn´t get any more grip...